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Wakocha Grand Tour - London / Paris / Berlin Event information


Black tea made in Japan is called wakocha. In November 2023, three tea farmers who are famous for their wakocha and green teas and TOKYO TEA BLENDERS LLC, a wakocha company, will travel to three European countries to meet with tea merchants, restaurant owners, and local tea lovers.

This tour is part of the Shizuoka BlackTea Pride project, which received funding from the Shizuoka Prefecture Tea Promotion Division.

●Wakocha Grand Tour destinations

We're on a mission to share the wonders of Wakocha with as many tea enthusiasts as possible. Beyond the listed slots, we're eager to visit your shop or restaurant and introduce our tea. Don't hesitate to reach out to us at if you'd like us to pay you a visit.

For real-time updates, follow us on Instagram and stay in the loop: Instagram: @tokyo_tea_blenders

London: November 10th (Fri) - 12th (Sun)

  1. November 10th (Fri) - Morning We're preparing a tea-tasting event near Piccadilly Circus. Please note that we won't be selling tea here. Only confirmed attendees will receive the event's address. Please reserve your slot here.

  2. This slot is alread colosed.

  3. November 11th (Sat) - Morning Another tea-tasting event is in the works near Piccadilly Circus. Tea sales won't be available here. Only confirmed attendees will receive the event's address. Please reserve your slot here.

  4. November 11th (Sat) - 14:00 - 16:30 We'll be hosting a tea-tasting and tea sales event at the Library in Japan House, Kensington. The address is 101-111 Kensington High St, London W8 5SA. Please reserve your slot here.

  5. November 12th (Sun) - 10:30 - 12:30 Return to the Holborn House Community Centre's Green Room for more tea tasting and tea sales. The address remains 35 Emerald St, London WC1N 3QW. It's a brief 10-minute walk from Holborn station. Entry slots are available every hour. Please reserve your slot here.

Paris: November 14th (Tue) - 15th (Wed)

In Paris, we don't have specific locations for tea tasting. We plan to visit restaurants and tea merchants. If you're interested in meeting us, please don't hesitate to get in touch at .

Berlin: November 17th (Fri) - 19th (Sun)

We're excited to participate in the Berlin Tea Festival:

November 17th (Fri): Three tea farmers will attend the Berlin Tea Conference.

November 18th (Sat): Unfortunately, the booths at the Berlin Tea Festival are already fully booked, so we won't have a booth. However, we'll be offering workshops in the Main event of Berlin Tea Festival starting from 13:00 to 14:00 on Saturaday, and if you'd like to meet us during the festival on November 17th or 18th, please get in touch with us at .

November 19th (Sun): A free tasting event will be held at Japanese Bar Shizuku, located at Hasenheide 16, 10967 Berlin, near Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche Berlin-Kreuzberg, the main venue of the Berlin Tea Festival, from 11:30 AM to 4:30 PM. As the number of participants at the venue is limited, please apply for the slots prepared for each hour. Please reserve your slot here.

Due to space constraints, reservations are required for the event in London and November 19th event in Berlin, so please reserve your slot from our website here.

We are working out the details step by step, we will contact you via the email address you provided when applying for the ticket. When securing tickets, please be sure to enter your email address and other information accurately. We also welcome people who can provide on-site support or lend us their space.

If you have any questions about the event or would like to reserve tea in advance, please contact us here.

●Those who can participate

People interested in tea wholesale, such as tea stores, traders, supermarkets, and restaurant personnel

Consumers as tea lovers are also welcome, but please understand that priority will be given to the people listed above.

●Admission fee


●What you can experience

・Taste black and green tea from each tea farm while listening to explanations of tea production from three famous tea farmers visiting the site.

・Tasting of various varieties of tea from over 20 tea farms handled by TOKYO TEA BLENDERS

・Matcha tasting by Urasenke tea ceremony master

・Purchase your favorite tea leaves (approximately 20g package each)

There is a limit to the amount of tea leaves that can be brought to the site. If you have any desired tea leaves in advance, please contact us so we can reserve them for you.

●Tea farmers in Shizuoka visited on site

Masuien : Etsuro Masui

Kaneroku Matsumotoen : Hiroki Matsumoto

Kamairicha Shibamoto : Toshifumi Shibamoto

●Tea gardens and varieties handled by TOKYO TEA BLENDERS

<Tea garden>・<Location>・<Variety>

Mariko Tea・Shizuoka・ Benifuki

Hinohara Tea・Tokyo・native

Masuien, Shizuoka・ GABA black tea・Kahori

Ocha no Kajihara・Kumamoto・Koshun, Izumi, Benifuki

Iwanaga Tea Garden・Kumamoto・Iwanaga No. 1, Kawatsuru

Kaneroku Matsumotoen・Shizuoka・Smoked black tea (whiskey barrel)

Saito Chaen・Shizuoka・Karabeni, Yume Wakaba

Gokase Midori Seicha・Miyazaki・Roasting Yamanami

Miyazaki Sabo・Miyazaki・Takachiho

Kamairicha Shibamoto・Shizuoka・Kamabeni

Tsukigase Organic Tea Farm・Nara・Yabukita

Nakakubo Seichaen・Kyoto・Benifuki, Sae Akari

Kyoto Wazuka Tea Kijyu・Kyoto・Miki

Kai Seichaen・Miyazaki・Sayaka Minami

Isshin en・Miyazaki・Takachiho

Nejime Saryo・Kagoshima・Benihikari

Tsuruda Seicha・Kagoshima・Indo

Maruhi Seicha・Shizuoka・Koshun

Amano Tea Garden・Kumamoto・Unkai

Ikumi Village・Shizuoka・Karabeni



日本で作られた紅茶のことを和紅茶と呼びます。和紅茶及び緑茶で著名な3人の茶農家と和紅茶の取扱い事業者であるTOKYO TEA BLENDERS LLCが2023年11月に欧州3か国を巡り、茶商、レストランオーナー及び現地のお茶愛好家と交流を深めます。スペースの都合上、予約制としますので各国のサイトからチケットを取得ください。

この施策は静岡県お茶振興課の助成を受けたShizuoka BlackTea Prideの事業の一環です。


ロンドン・The British Museum近くのレンタルスペース




ベルリン・Berlin Tea Festivalに合わせた近隣スペース










・TOKYO TEA BLENDERSが取り扱う20茶園以上の様々な品種のお茶のテイスティング





益井園 益井悦郎

カネロク松本園 松本浩毅

釜炒り茶柴本 柴本俊史

●TOKYO TEA BLENDERSのこれまでの取扱い茶園、品種
























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